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St Colman's Primary and All Saints' Nursery, Annaclone

Board of Governors

Chairperson Mrs G Fusciardi (EA Representative)
Secretary Mr K O'Neill (Principal and non voting member)
Vice Chair Mr J Higgins (Trustee Representative)
DENI Representative Mr G Mc Givern
EA Representative Mrs C Morgan
Parent Representative Mrs L Groves
Teacher Representative Mrs E Quinn
Trustee Governor Mrs S Crawford White
Trustee Governor Mr S McNeill
Trustee Governor Mr E O'Hare  

The Board of Governors are reconstituted once every four years. These positions are voluntary and unpaid.
The Board of Governors meet a minimum of three times/year (generally once each term).
The Board of Governors are now reconstituted.    

The Board of Governors has overall responsibility for the strategic direction and effective management of the school. They are the guardians of the core values and ethos of the Parish Catholic School. It is this ethos that makes our catholic school so distinctive. The Board of Governors includes nominees of the Trustees, as well as representatives from Department of Education, the Southern Education and Library Board and an elected parent and teacher governor. The Principal is a non-voting member. The Governors, therefore, represents all the main stakeholders concerned with the school.   An important function of the Governors is to consider the needs of the school and they have particular responsibilities in relation to:  

1. Ethos

The Board of Governors have a responsibility for maintaining and developing the distinctive catholic ethos of the school, which is based on the teachings of Jesus of truth, tolerance and social justice. The school Vision, Mission and fundament aims fully reflect the nature of Catholic Education. The Governors ensure that this ethos permeates all aspects of School life. The Governors ensure that the ethos of the School is underpinned by a programme of Religious and Faith development and that the religious life of the school is given proper prominence.

2. School Development Planning

Governors set and approve the strategic role in guiding the school forward into what can be an uncertain future. Governors, on advice and guidance of the Principal, set the School priorities in line with statutory priorities as set by DE, ELB, CCMS, CCEA etc and from the school’s own internal self evaluation. They ensure they are carefully planned and appropriate for the school. This plan provides the Governors with a tool for reviewing and monitoring continued self-improvement.

3. The Curriculum and Educational Standards

Governors are responsible for ensuring that the Statutory Curriculum is delivered efficiently and effectively and to the highest possible standard. In the catholic school the curriculum is the sum total of the educational experiences, both formal and informal of the pupils in the school. The Curriculum is not just about the developing the academic needs of the child but also the physical, spiritual and emotional needs also. Education in the catholic school is about the development of the whole person to reach their full potential. School ethos and academic success are complementary responsibilities of the Governors in ensuring that the catholic school achieves the highest possible standards.

4. School Community

The Board of Governors, in conjunction with the Principal and staff of the School are responsible for creating and maintaining a happy, secure and safe environment for all who work in the School. Governors are responsible for overseeing the implementation and operation of a number of school policies and practices designed to meet the needs of all within the school. These fully reflect the ethos of our catholic school.

5. Employment of Staff

Governors are responsible for:

· Appointments and Promotion of staff

· Discipline and Grievance Management (Staff)

· Attendance

· Health and Safety

· Staff Welfare


6. Planning for School Provision

Trustees are the legal owners of the school and the site and as a consequence are the primary planners for school provision. As a key stakeholder in respect of school provision they must be consulted in respect of any potential changes.

7. Enrolment and Admissions

Governors, in conjunction with the Principal, are required to determine the enrolment and admissions criteria for the school, when considering parental applications.

8. School Budget

Governors, on the advice of the Principal, determine how the school spends its budget.

9. Annual Report

Governors are required to produce an Annual Report to parents of the school activities for the proceeding year. This is a sign of the School’s accountability to parents and the local community.



God our Father, Sovereign Lord of all Creation.
We seek your blessing and support in all the responsibilities we bear as Governors of this school.
May we reach our decisions prompted by a desire to serve.
May your Spirit grant us Wisdom and Understanding.
To further the Spiritual, Intellectual and Physical development of all pupils entrusted to our care by their Parents:
To revere and appreciate the talents possessed by our teachers and the many forms of support provided by our non-teaching staff.
May every decision we make and every obligation we fulfil be for Your Honour and Glory
and for the vision of Your Son both in us and in our School.
Keep the pupils and staff and all associated with our School free from every harm, so that the purpose of our School may flourish for the good of all, the growth of Your Kingdom here and its fulfilment hereafter.
We make this prayer through Christ our Lord.


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