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St Colman's Primary and All Saints' Nursery, Annaclone

Primary 7 - Miss McKay/Mrs Loy

What is happening in Primary 7?    Term 1

English - We are learning about common nouns, proper nouns, concrete nouns, abstract nouns and collective nouns. We are learning about pronouns, especially relative pronouns, such as who, which, that and whom. We will be  learning the difference between homographs/ homonyms and homophones, especially when to use there, their and they’re. We will also be learning about contractions. We are going to read a variety of poems on water and then write poems of our own about water, as this is our WAU topic this term. We are also going to write poems about school and finally poems about peculiar animals, for the Young Writers Competition. Then we will be moving onto investigating the Titanic disaster, by looking at a variety of news articles on the tragedy. We will then try to write our own newspaper reports and also act as reporters describing the events of that night. We will also try to write chronological reports about the events of that tragic night.

Maths – We will be revising some of the basic skills of Mathematics, such as subtraction, multiplication and division, as these skills are essential if we are to attempt harder work, such as problem solving. We will also be revising decimals: tenths, hundredths and even thousandths. We will revise how to find 1/5 of, or 2/3 of and we will try to link this into percentages: such as finding 20% off. We will also be learning how to find the area of triangles and composite shapes and we will revise work on angles, including calculating the missing angles, in various shapes. We will also revise pie graphs and bar graphs, which will link into our water topic.

WAU- Water- We will be finding out how different parts of our bodies use, or need water. We will be learning all about evaporation, condensation and precipitation, by looking at the water cycle. We will be discovering the problems too much and too little water can cause. We will be learning how water gets to our homes and how this water is made safe to drink.

The Titanic- We will be learning about the Titanic and what is was like to travel on this luxury vessel. We will also learn about the events which led to the sinking of the Titanic and consider if this tragedy could have been avoided, or lessened. We will examine news articles from the time and learn about the experiences of some of the survivors. We will build our own replicas of the Titanic and pretend to be news reporters describing the scene on that fateful night.

P.E - We will be learning a variety of ball skills and showing our great team work in our mini-games, such as kick rounders and dodgeball. We are also doing the Mile a Day run. We keep ourselves very fit, especially as we now have a long walk from the top playground to our mobile at the front of the school.

Religion - We enjoy learning about bible stories and about how God wants us to help and respect others, through music, drama and discussions.

ICT – We are going to learn how to create text boxes and how to use Word Art for our titles and how to add a border and a colourful background. We will be learning how to use the internet safely. We are going to use the I pads to create Popplets on our Water topic and we are going to use Book Creator, to write a story about how we felt as one of the passengers on the Titanic. We are also using the I pads to complete our AR quizzes, on our reading books and library books. Some of us will also create a newspaper article on the sinking of the Titanic on the laptops.

Art- We have created balloons, using small pieces of coloured paper and we are going to put our wishes for the year ahead on them. We have also created underwater scenes using coloured card, to link in with our water topic and we will try to recreate Monet’s Water Lilies painting, with water colours. We will be producing some scary Halloween Art work and some exciting Christmas cards. We have drawn detailed pictures of the water cycle and we will be drawing cartoon strips to show how water is cleaned, so we can drink it safely. We will also be designing and building models of the Titanic.

Music & Drama – We will be listening to a variety of Music in class, in the mornings.  We will listen to  water music-

We will be pretending to be reporters at the time of the sinking of the Titanic.

Thinking SkillsManaging Information-This year we have started to learn more about how we think and the skills that we use to work out problems and answer questions. We know were to go and find information and we can make plans so we know what do next. We also know how important it is to listen to other people to get good ideas.

Assessment for Learning - In our class, we use our WALT (We Are Learning To) and WILF (What I'm Looking For) to help us learn and focus upon our tasks. We also get the chance to comment on each others work. It is nice to have someone else comment on our work, rather than just the teacher. We also need to remember to check over our own work.



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