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St Colman's Primary and All Saints' Nursery, Annaclone

Primary 7 - Mr White

What is happening in Primary 7?    Term 1

During our first week back we covered our All About Me work and brought in our boxes, containing objects which told the rest of the class something about us. It was great fun guessing who the boxes belonged to.

English -We have been focusing on spelling, especially Linguistic Phonics. We are going to be learning about common nouns, proper nouns, concrete nouns, abstract nouns and collective nouns. We are learning about pronouns, especially relative pronouns, such as who, which, that and whom. We will be  learning the difference between homographs/ homonyms and homophones, especially when to use there, their and they’re. We will also be learning about contractions. Our WAU topic this term is The Victorians, so we are reading comprehension passages on Queen Victoria, researching information, watching PowerPoints and videos about her and then we will write a chronological report about her.

Maths – We will be revising place value of large numbers, to a million and beyond. We will lear how to add 10, 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 etc to these numbers. We will be revising some of the basic skills of Mathematics, such as subtraction, multiplication and division, as these skills are essential if we are to attempt harder work, such as problem solving. We will also be revising decimals: tenths, hundredths and even thousandths. We will revise how to find 1/5 of, or 2/3 of and we will try to link this into percentages: such as finding 20% off. We will also be learning the properties of 2D shapes, including angles, lines of symmetry and tessellation. 

WAU- The Victorians-  We will be learning about Queen Victoria and her family. We will also be learning what Victorian schools and workhouses were like. We will learn about the horrible jobs Victorian children had to do. We will research all new inventions in Victorian Times and discover all the new forms of transport, which were introduced during Queen Victoria’s reign.

P.E -  Our focus this term will be on Athletics, so we will be trying to improve our running, jumping and throwing skills and also on developing our team work in relay races. We will have a coach in each Friday, to improve our skills even further. We are also doing the Mile a Day run.

Religion - We are busy practising our assembly, as we are the first class to do an assembly this year. We enjoy learning about bible stories and about how God wants us to help and respect others, through music, drama and discussions. 

ICT – We are currently researching information on Queen Victoria. We are going to learn how to create text boxes and how to use Word Art for our titles and how to add a border and a colourful background. We will be learning how to use the internet safely. We are going to use the I pads to create Popplets on the Victorians and we are also going to use Book Creator. We are also using the I pads to complete our AR quizzes, on our reading books and library books. 

Art- We made our own personal shields for are all about me work and we designed our own GAA kit on Gaelic dress up day. We will be creating balloons, using small pieces of coloured paper and we are going to put our wishes for the year ahead on them. We will also be doing Art work based around our Victorian topic. We will be producing some scary Halloween Art work and some exciting Christmas cards.

Music & Drama – We will be listening to a variety of Music in class, in the mornings.  We will listen to  water music-


Thinking SkillsManaging Information-This year we have started to learn more about how we think and the skills that we use to work out problems and answer questions. We know were to go and find information and we can make plans so we know what do next. We also know how important it is to listen to other people to get good ideas.

Assessment for Learning - In our class, we use our WALT (We Are Learning To) and WILF (What I'm Looking For) to help us learn and focus upon our tasks. We also get the chance to comment on each others work. It is nice to have someone else comment on our work, rather than just the teacher. We also need to remember to check over our own work.



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