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St Colman's Primary and All Saints' Nursery, Annaclone

Primary 1 - Mrs Burns

Mrs. Burns and Mrs. Higgins

We have 24 children in our class this year. It is early days in Primary 1 and everything is very new coming down from our small Nursery to the big school. Never to mind the sanitising, washing hands, looking after our own belongings and finding our special boxes in the classroom. Nevertheless we are having lots of fun with new toys and give our parents a last hug to say good-bye each morning! Some of our friends even got the bus on their very first day; this was very brave! We have been shown our special spots on the carpet and then will find our tables with our friends. Next week we will get to play again in our small intake groups but we have to begin a little task at our new seats too. Mrs. Burns tells us that it will soon be time to use a special play-board to play and she was very impressed with how well we can tidy up all her toys.

Thank you to all the parents who took time to attend the Primary 1 meeting on Monday, it was lovely to meet you all and explain what happens in our room each day.




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