Access Keys:

St Colman's Primary and All Saints' Nursery, Annaclone

P.4 Trip to Ulster Museum Belfast - Shared Education

5th Dec 2018

P.4 had fun learning all about Stuffee and seeing Dippy on Tour!

Stuffee is just like us. He likes to stay clean and choose healthy food. He can even show us what happens to food inside us.

Stuffee is 2m tall with blue hair and a big smile who helps us find out all about ourselves. He may look a bit different but he is just the same as us

  • He has eyes and ears and arms and legs…….
  • He keeps his hands clean
  • He likes to eat healthy food
  • He avoids sugar to look after his teeth

We can even pull down his zip to look at the organs that digest our food, pump our blood and help us breathe.

Curriculum links/areas Key Stage 1

  • The World Around Us:
    • Who am I what am I?
  • Personal Development and Mutual Understanding:
    • Eat Taste and grow
    • Clean Hands
    • Taking care of me
    • Take care, be safe
    • Growing means changing

Dippy, the Natural History Museum’s iconic Diplodocus dinosaur skeleton, has landed in Belfast and is there for all to see for a short while. Why not ask P4 about him?