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CRASH NI Road Safety Quiz

4th Dec 2018

Road safety is knowing how to cross roads safely. Roads are very dangerous places and many people are killed on our roads each year. Learning some basic rules when crossing the road, such as Stop, Look and Listen, is extremely important and could even save your life.

There are so many distractions these days, such as personal music players, headphones and mobile phones; and yet these things can cause accidents. When you need to cross a road, make sure you are as aware as possible, not only looking but listening too. A cyclist is much quieter than a car, but can also cause considerable damage if they hit you.

This quiz tests your knowledge of road safety when walking, cycling and riding in a car. Why not take a look over the Highway Code and look at the various signs and symbols in use on our roads. Every year we enter the P7 CRASHNI Road Safety Quiz - but we think everyone should take the time to be ROAD SMART.