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St Colman's Primary and All Saints' Nursery, Annaclone

The Learning Pit

8th Oct 2019

The Learning Pit is helping our children to understand that learning can feel challenging, that it’s good to feel challenged by something new and that it’s by making mistakes and having a go that we move forward in our learning.

While in the Learning Pit the children are not only learning new knowledge and concepts, they are also learning how they learn and the different strategies and resources that will help them achieve their goal and climb to the top. By recognising the feelings they experience when challenged and knowing that others feel the same, the children are developing the skills of determination and resilience. They are beginning to take ownership and control of their learning journey, developing the skills of intrinsic motivation and lifelong learning.

Some key aspects of Growth Mindset

  • It’s always OK to make mistakes – we learn from them
  • Never give up! We try a different approach, or use a different strategy
  • Learn from each other
  • Challenge yourself – which really helps you make progress
  • Take risks – don’t limit yourself by taking the easy option
  • Remember that mastering something new feels so much better than doing something you can already do
  • Remember that the brain is making new connections all the time – the only thing you need to know is that you can learn anything!

Jack and Oisin from P6 read their Grow Mindset acrostic poems out in assembly today (Thursday 10th October).