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St Colman's Primary and All Saints' Nursery, Annaclone

Primary 6 - Mrs Loy/Miss McKay


What is happening in Primary 6?    Term 1

English - We are researching, learning and writing about Northern Ireland. We are creating Tri-fold Leaflets advertising Northern Ireland. We have some amazing places to visit: such as The Giant’s Causeway and the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, the amazing Marble Arch Caves, the majestic Mourne Mountains, the River Lagan and Lough Neagh. We are also learning how to write letters and we are writing to our local councillor to improve the road safety outside our school.

Maths - We have measured our bodies and objects in our classrooms and we had to think about what measuring equipment we needed to use. We have learnt all about acute angles, obtuse angles, right angles and reflex angles and we measured angles in degrees. We will be conducting a road traffic survey and we will be creating a variety of graphs. We will be learning about, bar graphs, frequency graphs, tally marks and Venn Diagrams. We will be also learning how to read the time, which means we will always be on time, which should keep our parents and teachers happy. We will use our learning to help solve problems and carry out investigations.

Science - We will be learning about which things are light sources and which are light reflectors. We will learn which materials are reflective and which are not and how to keep safe at night, by wearing reflective clothing. We will be investigating which colours make it easier to see things in the dark and we will learn about Hi-Visibility clothing and even make our own reflective badges, to keep us safe at night.

History – We are going to be learning about reliable and unreliable sources of information. We will be looking at key historical landmarks in Northern Ireland; such as the Marble Arch Caves and The Giant’s Causeway and researching them using a variety of sources and then considering if all the information is totally accurate.

P.E - This term we are lucky enough to have a football coach to teach us once a week. We are also getting swimming lessons for 6 weeks. We will also be learning a variety of ball skills and showing our great team work in our mini-games. We are also doing the Mile a Day run. We keep ourselves very fit!

Religion - We enjoy learning how to help and respect others, through music, drama and discussions. We love showing the rest of the school our drama and singing skills at Assembly. We did the 2nd assembly of the year and we were fabulous, we hope you didn’t miss it.   

ICT – We are learning how to use the internet safely and to research information for our topic. We are also learning how to use Microsoft Word to word process and to create text boxes, adding borders, backgrounds and pictures and we are creating Tri-Fold leaflets on Northern Ireland. We are also using the I pads to complete our AR quiz on our reading books and to help us with our mental maths and to help us improve our tables.

Art- We have designed our own personal shields and we drew pictures of all the story of Creation, for the October display in the school entrance. We will be making reflective badges and we are looking forward to some spooky Halloween Art work.

Music – We will be learning lots of song including the songs for our opening Mass. We will be trying to create our own sound story boards to represent different places in Northern Ireland.

Thinking Skills – Managing Information-This year we have started to learn more about how we think and the skills that we use to work out problems and answer questions. We know were to go and find information and we can make plans so we know what do next. We also know how important it is to listen to other people to get good ideas.

Assessment for Learning - In our class, we use our WALT (We Are Learning To) and WILF (What I'm Looking For) to help us learn and focus upon our tasks. We also get the chance to comment on each others work. It is nice to have someone else comment on our work, rather than just the teacher. We also need to remember to check over our own work.



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